Community Planning in Strathmerton

Community Planning is about creating a safe space for the community to discuss the future of their town, to explore all those questions and more, and come up with ideas to make their local area an even stronger, more beautiful, and more inclusive community.

Community Planning isn’t about giving Council a wish list, although Council will take on board all of the views and opinions expressed during the process. It’s about local people making sustainable change collaboratively, and making good things happen for everyone in their community. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Community Planning is about wrapping realistic strategies around everyone’s hopes and dreams so that they can become a reality.

In 2023, the Strathmerton community was consulted widely for a renewed Strathmerton Community Plan.


Since the inception of the Strathmerton Community Steering Committee, the group have:

  • Created a community Facebook page;
  • Hosted more events, including ‘The Reenactment of the Charge of Beersheba,’ celebrating local war hero Brigadier Sir Murray Bourchier;
  • Lobbied successfully for the speed limit to be reduced to 60km through Strathmerton;
  • Sourced a consultant to undertake a feasibility study for a rail trail between Strathmerton and Cobram;
  • Initiated a beautiful mural on the public toilet block in the Lions Park;
  • Sourced funding for, and worked with Moira Shire Council on the Mick Cleary Walking Track;
  • Sourced funding for and planted hundreds of trees along side the Mick Cleary Walking Track; and
  • Partnered with St Aidan's Opportunity Shop to set up a community garden.