Help shape our Budget for 2024/25 and beyond

Our Annual Budget is developed to align with the objectives of our Council Plan, whilst also being adaptable to the changing needs and priorities of the community. To ensure this budget responds to our community’s priorities, Moira Shire Council is committed to seeking feedback early in the budgeting process.

Understanding community’s priorities will help us develop a financially responsible budget, while continuing to deliver the services and projects that are the most important to the community.

Even though Council is developing the 2024/25 budget, project proposals may also be considered for the future. Council’s project lifecycle generally spans over a few years:

Year 1: Investigation, Scoping & Feasibility

Year 2: Design and Development

Year 3: Project Delivery

Moira Shire Priorities

In addition to developing our 2024/25 Budget, Council is also revising its 10-year Long Term Financial Plan.

To develop these important documents, we need to understand what the community's priorities are for the capital projects and community services we deliver.

Share with us your priorities in the below ranking tools.
Submissions close Friday 19 January 2024.

Community Consultation for the 2024/25 Budget is now closed. Thank you for your contributions Council is now in the process of reviewing the feedback and conducting Submission Hearings to those who requested the opportunity to present ideas to Council.


Wish List

Collection Notice

Council is collecting the information contained in the Priorities and Wish List engagement tools to help Council understand what the community's priorities are for the capital projects and community services we deliver. This information collected will be used to assist Council in development of the 2024/25 Budget, future budget development and 10-year long term Financial Planning. Your responses will be made available Council Staff involved in development of the budget and the Panel of Administrators. Summarised responses (excluding any identifying information) will made publicly available, including on our website. Council may also disclose your information if required or authorised to do so by legislation.

You can find out more about how we use and protect your information by viewing our Privacy Statement. If you require access to the information you have provided, please contact Council.

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